Workshop: solar and wind power application

Solar and wind power application workshop for home and garden by Mr. Paul Sutanto was held on April 21, 2018 during Pasar Hejo Festival in a workshop at The Hive Building BumiPancasona Kota BaruParahyanganPadalarang West Bandung regency and was attended by 20 participants. The Alpensteel representative gave the Pasar Hejo market visitors information that in today’s era with fast growing technology we need big energy resource that can be made available by nature. 

The availability of energy from nature is limited, so Alpensteel is creating renewable energy by utilizing the windmill as a new energy resource in combination with solar panel technology that utilizes energy from the sun. It is applicable for home or garden whereas solar panel technology used for the night only.  Recently every 1 square meter of roof top roof panels can generate 100w of electricity with cost of 2 million rupiah. In addition to being energy-efficient, it is cheaper in cost.  It is expected that farmers and community members who work in the agricultural sector can use the solar panels to illuminate the home and garden. Application of renewable energy will provide benefits for us in a long term.  After a period of time when there has been a return on capital, no more pay is required, unlike conventional electricity.

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