Workshop: Producing Natural Pesticides for Vegetables Crops

The “Producing Natural Pesticides for Vegetables Crops” workshop was held April 21, 2018 at The Hive Building BumiPancasona Kota BaruParahyangan-Padalarang at West Bandung Regency.  The speaker was Mr. Luky Lambang Santoso from RumahKayu Permaculture. The workshop was attended by 30 participants from the community around the Kota BaruParahyangan and also students of STIKES Boromeus who wanted to know how to make natural vegetable pesticides.

In this workshop, Mr. Luky was assisted by young people who have been helping in the manufacturing of vegetable pesticides  i.e., finding the raw materials which are specific plants around the garden and available from nature in accordance with the guidelines of the manufacture of vegetable pesticides.  Mr. Luky showed his appreciation for the interest of the participants by giving vegetable pesticides samples.  In the question and answer session, Mr. Luky clarified to the community that what is made in a natural way and made from natural nature requires patience.  The vegetable pesticides are made with natural ingredients using only low dose and it takes several days to be produced to get the desired result.  It gives the advantage of retaining the plants contents at the same time keep them healthy, unlike high-dose chemical pesticides which instantly kills the pests but will affected the plants and fruits with chemicals residue and if consumed regularly by people will give a range of health problems.

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