Workshop: Non-Organic Waste Utilization

Non-organic waste utilization workshop was held on open stage 1 in PancasonaBumi Kota ParahyanganPadalarang area, West Bandung regency on April 22, 2018 with Mr. Andi Syabhan Solehudin as speaker.  He is the recipient of the Kalpataru Award from the government for successfully shifting the culture to process garbage waste into valuable goods.  During the event, Mr. Andi brought along some of the works he has made and where he received an award, not only from the government of Cianjur district but as well an award from the central government.  They noted that waste can be transformed creatively through the utilization of non-organic household waste into high-value items. By this conversion from waste to art, Mr. Andi changed people’s mindset and taught the audience who wants to work on non-organic waste, by converting waste into something useful and beautiful and at the same time, which can be a source of livelihood for the people.

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