Ecoplastic: Environmentally Friendly Plastic

In the present, the use of plastic is common in Indonesia such that it causes the accumulation of decomposed waste.  The use of plastic in the conventional way causes many problems.  One solution was provided by Greenhope, founder of an innovative technology that produce environmentally friendly plastic or ecoplastic on April 21 at Pasar Hejo 2018 event.

The speaker from Greenhope, Mr. Tommy Tjiptadjaja, co-founder and CEO of Greenhope, provided an understanding of Greenhope’s environmentally-friendly plastic to the audience on April 21, 2018. He  explained  that the plastic produced by Greenhope using the latest technology is made of cassava plant-based material mixed with substances that can make the plastic decompose by itself. The ecoplastic can be used by consumers for 3 months to naturally decompose by itself. This environmentally friendly plastic technology can maintain environmental sustainability.  Some of audience have interest in using this ecoplastic, and they will contact Greenhope for develop collaboration.

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