PUPUK Program Shared at Pasar Hejo

The Association for Advancement of Small Business was invited to participate in an event at the Pasar Hejo Festival by the HayuHejo community. The event was held at BumiPancasona Kota BaruParahyanganPadalarang, West Bandung regency on April 22, 2018.

In this event PUPUK was represented by its Chairman of the Board, Mrs. Rieta R. Dewi, Mr. Alip Purnomo, project manager of PUPUK Jakarta, and Mr. Budi Kristanto as ACMFN project manager.  It was attended by 40 participants.

One of the activities in the PUPUK Program that was introduced to the audience is the continuous lifestyle system called six sustainable tubes: tree tube, water tubes, fish tubes, energy tubes, junk tubes, and tourist tubes.

In the current era, it is important that the 6 tubes system be implemented, especially when the resource availability in nature has diminished. Sustainable aquaculture is, therefore, needed.  First thing to do is to save the trees to maintain the natural ecosystem and is a real step for nature conservation.  As we know, the trees we plant absorb water and can store energy. In addition, water tubes are needed in order to manage the main natural resources, because if the earth is already short of water it will be dangerous for humans – that is why the place for water management is needed. From the storage tube water continues with the fish tube because of the availability of water can be used to cultivate fish for food consumption. The junk tube is a lifestyle that allows us to manage waste to be more useful. Garbage must be sorted first to organic and non-organic waste. Organic waste can be made into organic fertilizer or compost that can be used to fertilize the plant while non-organic waste can be turned into craft products that can provide opportunities to earn additional income.

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