Asia Cleantech MSME Financing project successfully launched

(L-R) Mirko Zuerker, Senior Project Manager, adelphi, K.S. Venkatagiri, Executive Director-Designate, CII-Sohrabji Godrej Green Business Centre, Octavio B. Peralta, Secretary-General, ADFIAP, Corazon D. Conde, Senior Project Manager, ACMFN/ADFIAP and Victor C. Abainza, Senior Project Manager, ACMFN/ADFIAP during the launch of CII as the National Focal Point for ACMFN India.

The ACMFN is a 4-year project which aims to build and leverage a cleantech financing eco-system to spark improved access to finance for Asian cleantech MSMEs in order to enhance sustainable consumption and production patterns in Asia. Cleantech refers to products, services and processes that reduce or eliminate negative ecological inputs, improve the productive and responsible use of natural resources and provide superior performance at lower cost.

MSMEs, considered to be the major drivers of worldwide economies, are being tapped to benefit from the project. The ACMFN will fund the capacity-building for about 400 MSMEs in order that they would have better chances to access financing for their projects. Workshops, advisory services and mentoring, among other activities, will be conducted, including national forums for match-making process between MSMEs and financial institutions as well as training manuals and toolkits. Around 200 MSMEs are expected to have improved processes or created innovations within the project timeline.

For more information on the ACMFN project, please visit our website at or email [email protected] and [email protected]

The ACMFN Project video presentation material is also available for viewing through the following link:

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