Cleantech MSME Finance Forum

Nov 9 - 11, 2018
Bandung, Indonesia


9-11 November 2018, Bandung, Indonesia

Unlocking MSME Finance fostering Cleantech Solutions
Financiers and MSMEs join together to: Connect. Discuss. Innovate.

Micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) constitute a critical private sector-led solution to several sustainable development challenges Indonesia faces. Access to finance for MSMEs can be seen as one of the key components to promote the uptake of clean technologies in Indonesia. Thus there is a high need to assist MSMEs with getting access to finance for green investments and fuelling their growth. Financial institutions (FIs) can provide critical financing for Clean Technology and Cleaner Production through adapted instruments including cleantech investments as part of their portfolio. However, business opportunities are often not recognized by the banks and investors and the availability of such customized financing products remains limited.

The Cleantech MSME Finance Forum by the Asian Cleantech MSME Financing Network (ACMFN) aims to accelerate the development of financing products in the clean technology space by showcasing best practices and lessons learned from Indonesian financial institutions, investors and SMEs, as well as experiences from other Asian countries including China and India.

At the Cleantech MSME Finance Forum we will look to tackle questions such as: How can we develop innovative financing products and mechanisms that foster the uptake of clean technologies? How can we integrate considerations around clean technologies into lending decisions and the design of financing products? How can we accelerate the access to finance for cleantech MSMEs? How can the regulatory environment support the development of the cleantech financing market? What are possible success factors for cleantech finance?

Over the one-day event, we will bring together around 100 financial institutions, investors, MSMEs and decision makers of government and development finance institutions to discuss innovative approaches and explore essential partnerships to enable a transfer of best practices to foster the development of the cleantech financing sector in Indonesia.

The event is part of the Asian Cleantech MSME Financing Network (ACMFN), a SWITCH-Asia multi-country project in China, Indonesia and India that aims to promote sustainable products, processes, services and consumption patterns in Asia.

Highlights of the Event

The workshops will comprise two days including:

  • Inspiring Panels and Knowledge Networking catalyzing ideas and sharing best practices on how to support the uptake of cleantech financing products in Indonesia
  • Interactive Thematic Sessions providing a platform for ground-breaking cleantech financing solutions mutually developed by representatives from the financial sector, SMEs and development finance institutions
  • The ACMFN Exhibition showcasing innovative cleantech SMEs tackling sustainable development challenges in Indonesia
  • Marketplace: Get-together of FIs, investors, SMEs and development finance institutions

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Concept Note and Programme Outline

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