Workshop: 3R to 4R Toward Holistic Greener Plastic Solution

The ACMFN workshop, which took place on 23 August 2017 was held at Unpad Training Center with the theme of “3R to 4R Toward Holistic Greener Plastic Solution” Good for the Environment Good for the People. This event was held through cooperation between PUPUK (The Assosciation for Advancement of Small Business) and Komunitas 1000 Kebun. The speaker in this workshop is Mr. SugiyantoTandio who is the President, Director and Co Founder of PT Green Hope Tirta Marta. The event was attended by 70 people who are members of Komunitas 1000 garden Kebun, Unpad and ITB lecturers and students, SMEs and the  public who have been registered online for this workshop.

Ecoplastic products from Greenhope was exhibited and drew significant interest from some participants to use the products. There are many variants of products sold such us shopping bags, food containers, and trash bags in various sizes.

ACMFN Monev conducted by the EU External Auditor

Meeting Monitoring and Evaluation (Monev) of ACMFN was conducted at PUPUK Bandung Office attended by Monev Auditor from EU, Mrs. Pascale Debord from France.   Secretary General of PUPUK Mrs. Early Rahmawati, Director of PUPUK Bandung Mr. Cecep Kodir Jaelani, ACMFN Program Manager Mr. Kristanto Budi Nugroho with Mrs. Rini Sudaryani and followed by the Finance team represented by Mr. Dadi Sumanto and Mrs. Yutin Novian. This Monev event is a series of activities including project visit and was conducted from 18 – 22 September 2017.

Innovation Workshop for Sustainable Agriculture

Workshop with the theme of “Innovation for Sustainable Agriculture” organized by PUPUK through ACMFN program held at Tani Kota Agrowisata Bandung on July 16, 2017 which was followed by 1000 garden community inviting speakers from ITB academics as experts in agribusiness agriculture namely Mr. Rahmadi for Session 1. In one session the material given by the speaker is to introduce the larvae that can increase the amount of protein in the soil so that it will automatically increase the substances contained in the organic crops that we will plant, in session 2 father Aris told how to make organic plants using hydroponics aquarium As a source of water for plants arranged to ride in one paralon by way of multilevel make the plant. In addition to more efficient and certainly easy to apply in making these organic crops

Mou PUPUK and Bank Jabar & Banten

On the anniversary of Bank Jabar & Banten (BJB) on May 23, 2017. Bank BJB entered into MOU with the association for advancement of small businesses. In the MOU signing done by Agus Gunawan who served as Director of Micro West Java And Banten regional development bank (Bank BJB) with Mrs. Rieta Rosita Dewi as Vice Chairman of PUPUK Board agreed to give support of West Java Economy Especially through MSME, with Bank BJB ready to provide Fund Loan or loan for MSME. PUPUK which is the builder of UMKM gets big responsibility to be able to ensure the UMKM that deserve to get the aid.

Tani Kota Green Festival

Tanikota Green Festival event with 1000 Gardening Community was held on 21 May 2017 through the support of PUPUK through Project ACMFN (Asian Cleantech MSME Financing Network). ACMFN is 4-year project co-financed by the European Union.

PUPUK was able to tap as resource persons, Mr. Sudiyono, a well known farmer who uses the organic method METASATISI (Media Planting One Point Flush) and Pa Nahum, also an expert in the field of organic farming that strives for the enhancement of soil fertility and sustainability as well.

Several communities showed interest and attended the seminar. Attendees normally own land that has not been well exploited and wanted to get the knowledge and experience in organic plantation to make their property more productive.