Capacity building for potential and existing cleantech MSMEs

  • Promote cleantech innovation and ACMFN among stakeholders and SWITCH Network
  • Cleantech capacity building fpr 400 MSMEs (Technology/Innovation)
  • Financing advisory services for 200 cleantech MSMEs (Financing)
  • National matchmaking for a between MSMEs and Financial Institutions

Capacity building for financial institutions on the cleantech MSME sector

  • Promotional roadshows among financial institutions on cleantech financing market
  • Technical assistance trainings on cleantech for financial institutions
  • Guidance on development and implementation of cleantech financing products

Regional marketplace conferences

  • Regional marketplace conferences with co-investment and risk-sharing
  • Regional closure and outlook conference with involvement of policy makers

International, regional and national visibility

  • Visibility and outreach campaigns using ACMFN promotional materials and showcase the network on all relevant regional fairs and conferences
  • Showcasing of success stories and elaboration of prestigious promotional materials such as spotlights, case studies, checklists and brochures
  • ACMFN online community through project website, quarterly newsletter and monthly web news articles/events

Project management and coordination

  • Meetings of the project steering committee; periodical team meetings; project monitoring board meetings
  • Reporting covering annual interim reports and final report; quarterly progress update reports and internal reports