Higher productivity, higher profits and higher wages through lean management in Myanmar’s garment sector

The example of Myanmar Synergy Garment Co. Ltd. linking productivity with benefits for both, business and workers
Myanmar Synergy is a vivid example of successful collective action. As a company with young leadership, Myanmar Synergy quickly realized that business is not only about higher profits but depends to a large extent on good worker-management relationship. For solving production related issues Myanmar Synergy always involved line supervisors and workers. This strategy paid off, as we can see in this article.

Myanmar Synergy has practiced pre-production meetings based on internal experienced method. General order information´s were discussed with staff members of all departments, including production issues such as workmanship matters and capacity planning. Nonetheless not all departments were prepared on time for collective production start. Now and then the fabric was not ready for cutting because the relaxation period was not completed, or some sewing machines were not prepared and adjusted for particular order on time.

Myanmar Synergy was introduced to a pre-production meeting method which is commonly used in the garment industry international wise. A major component during pre-production meeting is to create a time table for all department in-charge. Based on these dates each department in-charge must plan and organize his area of responsibility according to start and end date.

Myanmar Synergy confirmed that their practiced pre-production meetings are similar to introduced version, but the major component “Time Table” has not been included in their current proceeding. Myanmar Synergy created a new pre-production meeting procedure by implementing the time table system and a few more other suggestions from advised SMART Myanmar´s version by modifying according to their purpose.

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